Welcome to Yogasmiths! Online and in person Yoga classes

Who are Yogasmiths?

Paul and Steve Smith are directors of Yogasmiths Limited. Yogasmiths offer a range of yoga classes every week including online live classes, in person community yoga classes and on demand yoga classes.

Paul and Steve have undertaken extensive Yoga teacher training and continue to learn to ensure that they are amongst the best qualified yoga teachers in the country. They both hold 2 OFQUAL regulated Yoga Teaching Qualifications, the Level 4 British Wheel of Yoga Diploma in Teaching Yoga and the British Wheel of Yoga Level 4 Gentle Years Yoga Teaching Certificate. You can find details of all of our training on our About Yogasmiths page.

Paul and Steve are members of the British Wheel of Yoga through whom they are fully insured. The British Wheel of Yoga (BWY) are the governing body for Yoga in the UK recognised by Sport England. You can check out the British Wheel of Yoga website here: https://www.bwy.org.uk

Best Yoga Class in Wirral

Yogasmiths have consistently been rated as one of the best Yoga Classes in Wirral since 2016 when we started our weekly classes. You can find out details about this here Best Yoga Class in Wirral.

Online Zoom Yoga Classes and On Demand Yoga Classes

We offer a range of Yoga classes all of which last for 90 minutes. Each week there are three traditional Hatha yoga classes, a Sunday Yin Yoga class, a Thursday morning Rise & Shine class and a Gentle Years Yoga Chair Yoga class. The live classes are all taught over Zoom.

Check out this weeks classes in our shop where you can also purchase a place in a Yoga Class via our online Yoga Shop.

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What to expect in our Yoga Classes

We structure our Yoga classes so that we always have a theme of yoga philosophy. Breathing exercises (Pranayama) are always included in our classes to give you techniques to help manage stress. Mobilisation exercises start the physical part of the session followed by yoga poses working up to a peak pose or flow. Every session finishes with a lovely guided relaxation so you can feel like you float home after class!

The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali describes 8 limbs of Yoga. Only one of these limbs is the physical practice of yoga postures. We ensure to cover all of these limbs of Yoga across our classes and themes.

Our Wirral Yoga Classes

We have weekly Hoylake Yoga Classes at Hoylake Parade Community Centre and weekly West Kirby Yoga Classes at Westbourne Hall Community Centre. In the Summer we run Pop-up Beach yoga sessions. Throughout the year we run Yoga Brunch events, Retreat Days and Workshops.

Gentle Years Yoga Classes – Chair Yoga Classes

In addition to to our Traditional Hatha Yoga classes we offer weekly Wirral Chair Yoga classes. These are our Gentle Years Yoga© Classes. The sessions are aimed at people with age related health conditions or for those who wish to practice yoga in a chair. Sessions include full body mobilisation exercises, mild pulse raising activities, strengthening poses, balance improvement and relaxation techniques. The aim of the class is to ensure greater ease in activities of daily living as we age.

You can find further details about all of our classes on our Yoga Classes page.