Guest BWY Yoga Teacher – Yvette Sanderson Friday 13th October 2017 @ 6:15pm – West Kirby Arts Centre

We have a special guest teacher coming to teach a Traditional Hatha Yoga class with a breathing exercise and a guided relaxation.

Yvette Sanderson is a lovely yoga teacher and a good friend of ours. This class is offered FREE to our yoga students but is also open to others at a cost of £5 for the session.

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We met Yvette on our journey as yoga teachers, here’s a pic of us in Spain on a week’s intensive training;


We are looking forward to being students ourselves in this class as Yvette leads us through a beautiful practice. Below is a little information from Yvette;

“My yoga journey began many many years ago when I rolled out my mat for the first time in an Ashtanga class. Although a ‘baptism of fire’, Ashtanga mirrored and worked well with my personality at that time and served me well for many years to follow. Ashtanga is still my ‘go to’ practice.

Through the years I become interested in the philosophy of Yoga. As I delved deeper into this amazing gift I realised that I have actually been practicing, all be it not Asana based, yoga all of my life. Brought up to respect others, kindness and consideration, to think good of all things and to be content and at ease with myself was simply a reflection of the first two limbs of Yoga.

Through the years, as my inner child grew calmer so has my practice and teaching of yoga. My teachings are Hatha Yoga, based on harmony and grounding, teaching from the heart with love and passion to encourage positive change on and off the mat”


Paul & Steve x

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