Gentle Years Yoga – Week 2 – Breath Block – Triangle Pose / Trikonasana – Chair Yoga

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In this block of classes we are looking at the breath. The theme for this class is ‘Inhale to open and energise.’

The class begins with a 3 part breathing practice and finishes with an Opening Energy Centres guided relaxation. The peak pose we work up to is Trikonasana / Triangle Pose.

The Gentle Years Yoga Class uses props. We use bean bags, scarves, resistance bands, spiky massage balls and a block for under the feet. We have a selection of these items for you to purchase. Alternatively you can be creative and use a pair of rolled up socks, a hankie / scarf, a dressing gown cord or belt, a spiky laundry ball or tin of beans and a thick book.

To access the class, click on the link below The On Demand Yoga Class heading.

If you have not completed a health questionnaire or if you need to provide us with an updated one you can find the link to that below too. You will need to click on ‘completed’ on the Health Questionnaire stage to confirm that you have read it.

If you have any concerns about your ability to participate in this class then you should seek advice from your doctor.

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