Rise and Shine Yoga – Flow with leg strengthening

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This Rise and Shine Yoga Class starts with flowing mobilisations, includes some core work and leg strengthening.  It builds up to Classic Sun Salutations and a Sun Salutation B.  This is a warming class and will help to build some practical functional strength in your glutes and legs.

The theme of this class is Nature and Mental Health and the concept of Ishvarapranidhana. This class was recorded during Mental Health Awareness week and this is discussed at the start. We start the class with a 3-part breath using a count and finish with a guided mindfulness meditation based upon observation of the breath.

To access the class, click on the link below The On Demand Yoga Class heading.

If you have not completed a health questionnaire or if you need to provide us with an updated one you can find the link to that below too.

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