Yin Yoga – ‘From doing to being’ – finding the quiet place within

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Have a good number of cushions or pillows available as we will use these as props.

This Yin Yoga Class starts with a discussion based around ‘From doing to being’ – finding the quiet place within. We discuss stress and its origins including the fight, flight or freeze response.

We then move on to a Nadi Shodana pranayama practice, alternate nostril breathing. This is a lovely practice to start the Yin class with, balancing the subtle energy in our bodies and allowing is to start to enter the Yin frame of mind. The class finishes with a breath / body parts guided relaxation.

The Yin postures include exploring amongst others, the Butterfly sequence of poses which work into the hamstrings and in the revolved Butterfly pose, the quadratus lumborum (QL) muscle, the Deer poses and also the dragon sequence of poses.

To access the class, click on the link below The On Demand Yoga Class heading. 

If you have not completed a health questionnaire or if you need to provide us with an updated one you can find the link to that below too. 

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