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Gentle Years Yoga

Gentle Years Yoga (GYY) is an authentic traditional Hatha yoga practice that has been modified to be chair based, making it ideal for older people or those with restricted movement. A 75 minute yoga class will include breathing exercises, full body mobilisation, pulse raising activities, concentration activities, co-ordination activities, balance improvement exercises, resistance work, modified yoga postures and a relaxation. It is suitable for all and can be adapted for anyone looking for Gentle Years Yoga classes.

Yogasmiths Gentle Years Yoga Classes Online

Yogasmiths offer Gentle Years Yoga classes online. To read more about these online classes check out the following page:

“I have health problems” Can I still practice Gentle Years Yoga?

YES!!! Gentle Years Yoga has been developed so that it is suitable for people with a range of health conditions. It is suitable for anyone who would find it difficult getting up and down from the floor or for those who may just want to practice yoga from a chair.

Check out what our students have to say about the Gentle Years Yoga classes!

Sue Graham – “After a spell in hospital 3 years ago I was at a low ebb physically. I saw an advert for Gentle Years Yoga and made it my New Year resolution in January 2017 …”

Norma Adjeriou – “I just cannot believe the difference to my physical and mental health since starting Gentle Years Yoga.”

Van Rose Helenlouise – “Loved the chair based yoga class.”

Gentle Years Yoga

Jo Marshall-Clarke – “I attend Yogasmiths Gentle Years Yoga at The Parade, Hoylake. It’s a class designed for the less mobile and is very mixed ability but such good fun.”

Gentle Years Yoga
Gentle Years Yoga

Retaining Independence

One of the key aims of Gentle Years Yoga is to maintain and improve activities of daily living. We always ensure that every session includes sitting to standing exercises to build strength in the legs. Balance practice is always included to help improve and maintain balance into older age. We have witnessed some fantastic improvements in our attendees leg strength and balance. As a result, Yogasmiths students are able to ensure that they maintain their independence.

Gentle Years Yoga Class online

We explore elements of yoga philosophy, breathing exercises and guided relaxations. In addition to all of that we have a social element to the classes. After each session we have a chat over tea and coffee. Consequently we get to know each other and it is a great opportunity to make some new friends.

Making Friends and Socialising

Each Yoga class is followed by optional tea and coffee in the Hoylake Parade Community Centre cafe, Popsy’s. This is a great opportunity to get to know the other members of the class. As a result many new friendships have been made.

It is great for us as the yoga teachers too! We love getting to know our GYY class members!

Gentle Years Yoga Class

Having a chat and cuppa after our GYY Class,

Experienced Gentle Years Yoga Teachers

We were some of the earliest teachers to be trained in GYY through the British Wheel of Yoga back in 2017. As a result we have been teaching GYY since January 2018. Our classes have proved very popular and lots of friends have been made.

Gentle Years Yoga
Paul and Steve with their training certificates
Gentle Years Yoga
Training in 2017 with Jenny Howsam and Laura Bissell, the creators of GYY

Gentle Years Yoga Pilot Trial

The GYY was subject to a trial.

You can download and read a copy of the GYY Pilot Trial by clicking on the button below. The full title of the paper is “Adapted yoga to improve physical function and health-related quality of life in physically-inactive older adults: a randomised controlled pilot trial by Garry A. Tew , Jenny Howsam, Matthew Hardy and Laura Bissell”

The future for Gentle Years Chair Based Yoga

We are currently part of a nationwide trial looking into the benefits of GYY chair based yoga. The results of this trial will be very interesting and we are proud to be a part of it.

Other resources

Yogasmiths are a proud members of The British Wheel of Yoga and you can find more information on their website (

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