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Health Conditions Helped by Yoga

We created this page to help share the wonderful work of Dr Timothy McCall in compiling an evidence base for the efficacy of Yoga. He lists 117 different health conditions that have shown to be helped by Yoga.

The list is set out alphabetically and covers a range of different conditions. Some of the conditions are ones that spring to mind like stress but others are more obscure. We are sure you will find it an interesting and useful read.

Dr McCall has made this information available for free to all to share. We acknowledge and thank Dr McCall in compiling this list of Health Conditions Helped by Yoga. A few years back we were lucky enough to attend a seminar with him at the British Wheel of Yoga congress.

On his Website Dr McCall states;

This all started out in 2007 with the publication of my book Yoga as Medicine: The Yogic Prescription for Health and Healing. In the “Science of Yoga” chapter, I included a list of 43 conditions that medical studies suggested yoga benefitted. The number grew to 101 since conditions when I last compiled this list in late 2016.  Now it’s up to 117 conditions.

The PDF contaion over 40 pages of references, listing the scientific studies by condition. Embedded hyperlinks will take you to the study’s abstract, or if available, to a free, full-text version of the study.

I publish these lists as a service to the yoga world. So please feel free to share this PDF with anyone you like, print it out, put it on your web page, and maybe even send a copy to your doctor!

Health Conditions Helped by Yoga

You can view the list below in the PDF viewer or you can choose to download a copy from the link below.


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