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We would advise new students to arrive at least 5 minutes before the start of class to complete a short health questionnaire. Alternatively you could always bring this with you to class completed. You can find the questionnaire at this link;

BWY health Questionaire

Please also see our Information for new clients which give some information about what to expect from your yoga class;

Info for new clients

Tips for your first yoga class

From the British Wheel of Yoga Website;

“At its simplest, yoga is an efficient, safe and controlled method of exercise, increasing flexibility and building strength and stamina. As well as toning muscles and extending the range of movement in the joints, the postures also benefit the body internally; stimulating organs, glands and nerves as well, keeping all systems in radiant health.

Yoga can also lower stress by developing relaxation and breathing techniques. As physical well-being and bodily awareness improve, students develop deeper breathing and an ability to relax more easily. Many also experience an increase in energy levels, greater mental clarity and a general feeling of calmness and control.

Yoga isn’t easy. It is tough discipline but rewarding! And the benefits of yoga aren’t instantaneous but the result of continued practice. Yoga gives us the space to take the awareness inwards bringing the body, mind and spirit into harmony.”

Other forms;

Agreement Form – under 16 in an adult class

Consent Form – hands on adjustment of children