Feedback from a One to One client – New to Yoga

We received some lovely feedback from one of our new One to One clients, Lucy. Lucy was completely new to Yoga and I taught her a beginner class and also gave her some homework to do around her breath and a couple of postures to practice. I’m glad to hear she has been doing her homework and enjoyed her introduction to yoga!

We are still taking on new One to One yoga clients so please email us at or use the contact tab on the website if you are interested.

We also have Xmas gift vouchers available for One to One sessions held in our home in West Kirby for £30 or £35 for One to One’s in the  local area at your house / venue. Other gift vouchers are also available for group sessions, private small classes or partner yoga sessions. Please contact us for further information and pricing.

Here’s Lucy’s feedback, we look forward to seeing her this week for her second session.

“I was completely new to yoga. I was a little nervous and unsure what to expect. Paul made me feel calm and relaxed immediately. I thoroughly enjoyed every minute of my first yoga session. I felt wonderful afterwards and in the days to follow. I will be making yoga an important part of my weekly routine. Paul helped me understand the importance of deep breathing and how this links in with the movements our bodies do in yoga. I have enjoyed practising my breathing and some yoga positions since my session. Paul explained everything very clearly. I had a wonderful first experience of yoga thanks to Paul. After my first session, I came away feeling relaxed and happy. Relaxed because I understand how to use my breathing to help with any situation. And happy to know, that, over time with the help of Paul, I can hopefully have better posture and much improved core strength. I am excited to learn more and develop my strength in both mind and body. ” Lucy, Thingwall.

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