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Calm Soles Holistic Therapy – West Kirby

Jeanette is a regular member of our Yoga Classes and has started her own business called Calm Soles Holistic Therapy. Jeanette writes a guest blog for us discussing the theory behind reflexology and reflects on starting a business in the current climate.

Starting a business in the Time Of Covid (ToC)

So, I’ve been told that I must be mad trying to start a new business in the time of Covid!  However, I’ve always been a firm believer in the fact that if it’s right, it’s right.  I bought my first property when interest rates were at a ridiculously high level in the early 90’s; I travelled solo to India when all my friends told me I was mad and would hate it: (Reader, I fell in love with the country; cried when I had to leave it…). Sometimes you have to do something – even if the “odds” are against it. 

As for the ToC – well – what a great time to start to take responsibility for our health; I’m probably preaching to the converted here – we all love yoga, we know what a difference it makes to our health & wellbeing;  some of us even meditate regularly which is fantastic for our mental health too.  I should add that when I state ‘take responsibility for our health’ I am not for one minute saying that if we don’t we’ll become ill with Covid!

What is Reflexology?

If you’ve never had Reflexology before, let me tell you a little bit about it & how a treatment will work:

It is believed that the feet (and hands & face & ears) contain points that are reflected within the main body – (a microcosm of the macrocosm if you like )these are called reflex points.  This is beautifully illustrated in pregnancy where the uterus point becomes swollen in line with the growing baby!  Or where the bladder reflex can be quite swollen when it is full.

Calm Soles Holistic Therapy

So when you rub your painful feet after a long day, or walk on the beach over rough sand you are giving yourself a good massage via the soles of your feet.  Our feet are, after all, our very foundation – they have to put up with a lot!

A deep sense of relaxation

As most of us know, it is when we rest at night that the body does most of its repair work.  We are in our most relaxed state so systems can work around the body without interruption from digestion, stress, exercise and everything else it experiences during the day.  When receiving a treatment, most clients find it incredibly relaxing and drift off sometimes into a really quite deep sleep, even though they are aware of what is going on around them. 

The beauty of Reflexology is that you are in a chair, fully clothed with only your feet uncovered – so there really is the minimum of fuss during the session.  Having taken a comprehensive history from you of any past or current ailments (there are few contra-indications),  I work around the various systems really just aiding re-balancing & aiding your body to let go of any stress you may be experiencing.  That’s really it in a nutshell – there are a few different forms of Reflexology that I am trained in – there are specific routines to help with hormone imbalances; musculoskeletal points that can help with whiplash, sciatica etc, plantar fasciitis, stress, maternity, fertility & palliative. The research into how Reflexology can help is impressive. 

Calm Soles Holistic Therapy September 2020 Special offer

Back to the here & now and I am very excited to announce that as of Tuesday September 1 I will be offering 1/2 price Reflexology treatments – £20 – for the entire month.  Treatments last between 45-50 mins. (Under current Covid restrictions my professional association does not recommend spending more than 60 mins in a treatment room ).  So if you’ve never tried Reflexology before, now is a good time! 

I will be working from the treatment room at the back of Rooney Ponton hairdressers in Banks Road.  Have a look at my website: for further information, how to book, and exact location details.

I look forward to welcoming you. 

Oh & don’t worry I am fully insured, affiliated with professional associations & Covid-19 compliant!


Thanks Jeanette. Very interesting to read up on the theory behind Reflexology. Good Luck with your new venture!  Paul & Steve x

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