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Lockdown Resources

Free Online Lockdown Resources

We want to share with your some interesting free online resources that have caught our eye over the last few weeks. The following links are great lockdown resources to help both with mental health through Mindfulness but also some reading resources and free TV!

Wellbeing Lockdown Resources

Many of you will know that we have taken our Yoga Classes online during the lockdown. You can join us via the Zoom app and undertake a yoga class in the comfort of your own home. Our classes are suitable for all abilities from absolute beginners to seasoned yogis! We teach a staged approach to Yoga postures. As a result beginners are set up in poses first and then options given to take things further if you want to. You can purchase a place at one of our weekly yoga classes at Shop and also check out our weekly offering of classes there.

Yogasmiths on YouTube

We have created a YouTube channel where we have uploaded a guided Mindfulness of Breath practice and also a Yoga Nidra / Body Scan longer relaxation. These can help you to find a bit of calmness when you need it. If you go to YouTube and click on subscribe you will be notified of when we upload more content to YouTube. Check out the links below, you can listen to these directly from our website here;

Yogasmiths Observations of Breath Mindfulness Meditation 10 mins
Yogasmiths Yoga Nidra / Body Scan 20 mins guided relaxation

Future Learns – Mindfulness course

Future Learn is a great website that has many classes that you can attend for free. We would particular recommend the Mindfulness For Wellbeing and Peak Performance. During this challenging time we can get lost in being unmindful. Lost in our field of thoughts with rumination and worrying about the future. Mindfulness can help bring us back to the present moment and provide some clarity and calmness. The free course on Future Learn provides you with a great introduction to Mindfulness and a range of techniques. As a result you build a personal tool kit of practices that you can dip in and out of as you may need them.

Free Online Magazines

Om Yoga Magazine has been made available for free;

Vegan Life Magazine has also been made free;

Plant Based Magazine from the same publisher is also free;

Books / Reading Lockdown Resources

We have always been big fans of reading. If you are looking for inspiration for new books to read you can check out the book reviews we have written on our blog here:

If you prefer audio books, Audible have made part of their catalogue available for free on their website. A lot of the books are for children so would is a great Lockdown Resource for parents. It also has some literary classics available too. You don’t need to sign up for an account either, you can just access and stream from their website.

Free TV shows online

HBO have made over 500 hours of content available for free;

Free Courses online

Coursera have a free online course on What is Contemporary Art? offered by MoMA, click on the link below;

Coursera also have a free course called The Science of Wellbeing offered by Yale which looks interesting, clijc on the link below;

We hope you found our Lockdown Resources useful. Please use the comments below to share any free resources that you have come across. Thanks Paul & Steve

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