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Words of Wisdom by Ram Dass Book Review

In this blog I am going to review the Words of Wisdom book by Ram Dass. I am a big fan of Ram Dass and find that he has a wonderful way of concisely explaining sometimes complex philosophical concepts. This book has a sub title which sums up its content perfectly. “Quotations from one of the world’s foremost spiritual teachers.”

words of wisdom by ram dass book review
Front cover of Words of Wisdom by Ram Dass

Ram Dass occupies a unique position in the field of spirituality having been a former Professor of Psychology. He bring this authority to his explanation and description of a range of spiritual traditions. To learn more about Ram Dass, you can’t go wrong with his autobiography Being Ram Dass. I wrote a review of that book here:

Themed chapters

This book is conveniently divided into themed chapters covering a range of subjects and traditions. There are 14 chapters ranging from “Trusting the present moment” to “Approaching death with less fear and more curiosity.” Each chapter brings together Ram Dass quotes related to the title from a range of sources.

Ram Dass Quotes

Some of my favourite quotes from Words of Wisdom by Ram Dass are as follows;

“As the Tao says. “Truth waits for eyes unclouded by longing.”

“There is no best or right kind of experience in meditation; each session is as different and unique as each day of your life.”

“If you can’t stop thinking, can you let your thoughts go by without getting caught up in them. Just as a breath arises and then drifts away, can we let thoughts do the same. You don’t have to see where each breath goes. It’s just the breath coming and going. Allow the thoughts to be the same.”

“The qualities in yourself determine what qualities are in the world.”

“You are not holding on anywhere. You’re right here, always in the new existential moment. Moment to moment, it’s a new mind. You just keep giving up your story line.”

“I myself stand in need of the arms of my own kindness.”

Themes for Yoga Classes

Words of Wisdom by Ram Dass is a collection of quotes. As a result it is a rich source of inspiration for Yoga Teachers and themes to weave into classes. I have read many quotes from this book in my yoga classes and have written my own meditations inspired from it. A number of my yoga students have asked me for the details of the book.

In Summary – Words Of Wisdom by Ram Dass Book Review

A great book to dip in and out of for inspirational quotes. I highly recommend it.

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