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One to one Yoga Sessions – Spotlight on Catherine

I have just got back from teaching a one to one Yoga session to our lovely yoga student Catherine in the sunshine in Ashton Park, West Kirby. What a perfect way to spend the afternoon!

Catherine was completely new to Yoga when I started teaching her in January this year. She has made fantastic progress in her practice with each session and has established a home practice from the handouts and guidance that we provide.


Catherine allowed me to take a picture of her (above) in Halasana (plough pose) this afternoon. This posture shows the progress she has made and demonstrates perfect form with strength, stability and ease. Catherine has noticed her strength and flexibility improve and has found the breathing techniques and relaxations beneficial in dealing with life in general!


The second picture above is how we end our practice, with a guided relaxation. Today we had the pleasure of being able to relax in the warmth of the afternoon sunshine in the beautiful natural surroundings of Ashton Park. We had a curious little blackbird wandering around whilst we practiced!

In addition to our weekly group classes we provide private one to one yoga sessions. For more information please check out One to One Yoga

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3 thoughts on “One to one Yoga Sessions – Spotlight on Catherine

  1. Great post, I find that yoga has benefits in everyday life and many of my students have also learnt to use breathing techniques to deal with stresses in life. Doing yoga surrounded by nature sounds beautiful.

    1. Practicing outside is such a beautiful thing to do. We should learn to seize the opportunities to do so more in this country!

      1. Definitely! Recently at one of my yoga classes the weather was so beautiful that I took my students outside on the grass- when the weather is rarely good enough to practice outside, it is definitely important to seize these opportunities!

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