Yoga Quest by Paul Fox – Book Review

Sometimes we are lucky enough to find the right book to read at the right time in our lives. Yoga Quest was certainly the right book for me at this point in my Yoga journey.

Paul Fox ,the author, is the current Chair of the British Wheel of Yoga. His knowledge and experience of his subject matter is evident.

Yoga Quest is a really easy read and quite the page turner. The author’s skill in this novel is to educate you as you read. The journey of the main character, Joe Knightly on his Yoga Quest to discover the true meaning of Yoga, is a wonderful vehicle for the readers own learning.

Joe’s 2 year long Yoga Quest takes in all of the main types of Yoga, the history of Yoga and the main famous teachers. As a reader I related to the main characters reaction to certain aspects of the Yoga journey and the current trends in yoga. The reader is given a comprehensive overview of Yoga through the plot of the book. The foreign locations in the book really come alive and make me want to visit them.

It is not often I read a book and feel the need to have pen and paper to hand to jot down things to enquire into myself. After finishing reading Yoga Quest I now have a list which forms my very own Yoga Quest and I am thoroughly looking forward to starting it! I also have a renewed appreciation and love for Janu Sirsasana!

If you are interested in Yoga, new to Yoga or even on your own Yoga journey, I would recommend this book to you. It is a great read!

You can buy a copy direct from the author, Paul Fox, here;

Alternatively it is also available on Amazon.

Paul Smith, Yogasmiths

2 thoughts on “Yoga Quest by Paul Fox – Book Review

  1. Kia Jade says:

    Thank you for sharing! Yoga Quest sounds like an interesting read. Although I love yoga, I’ve yet to find a novel to read on the subject. Maybe this is a good place to start?

    • yogasmiths says:

      Absolutely Kia, I’d highly recommend it. Its a real eye opening book and you’ll come away from reading it with a great all round knowledge of yoga and lots that you’ll want to go and investigate for yourself! I’d love to know what you thought of it too if you read it x

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